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Employment Support Allowance Number

Employment and Support Allowance provides those who are sick or disabled an opportunity to live comfortably. If you are sick or disabled, you can find information about the Employment Support Allowance on their website at Their website contains information about how to apply for assistance, the different types of ESA available, who is eligible for allowance, how to claim allowance, and how to report any changes.

How the Process Works

If you are looking to get assistance form the Employment and Support Allowance you must first apply. You can be employed, unemployed or even self-employed to receive help. When you apply and take the Work Capability Assessment you can get financial support if you are not able to work or personalized help to help you find employment. After taking the assessment they will determine if you have regular interviews to attend for being hired or if you will participate in the support group where you do not have to attend interviews. The outcome you receive will depend on your assessment, your current income, the type of Employment and Support Allowance you qualify for, and the effect that your sickness or disability has on your work.

Stimulations to Employment and Support Allowance

If you are placed in the work-related activity group, in which you go on regular interviews, you can receive help for one calendar year. If you are in the support group, which does not have regular interviews, there is no limit to how long you can receive help. In order to receive help financially you must meet all requirements set by the Employment and Support Allowance team. All financial payments and benefits are deposited into your bank. The Money Advice Service can help you set a budget and figure out expenses and it is available to all people receiving help from ESA. If you need help determining what the Employment and Support Allowance can do for you can visit their website at

Three Types of ESA

There are three types of Employment Support Allowance and they completely depend on your individual circumstances. The new style of ESA is available to people who have been either employed or self-employed and have paid National Insurance contributions. The contribution-based ESA is available when your sickness or disability you are claiming affects your direct ability to perform your work that you were either employed or self-employed at. The income-based ESA is available if your sickness and disability affect your ability to work and you are connected to the severe disability premium.

Determining your Eligibility

To determine if you can get assistance from the Employment and Support Allowance you must be under the state pension age, not received a Jobseeker’s allowance, and are employed, unemployed, self-employed or a student. The ESA will walk you through the process of applying for assistance and after making your claim they will walk you through the steps necessary to complete the Work Capability Assessment. If you need help determining your eligibility you can look at the Employment and Support Allowance website