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Passport Office Number

The HM Passport Office is responsible for providing UK residing British nationals with passport services. This office is also responsible for the administration of civil registration in Wales and England. This includes death, birth, and marriage certificates.

The role of this office includes issuance of passports to United Kingdom citizens on the Crown’s behalf. The priorities of this office are to achieve adequate border security and decrease immigration levels. In addition, protecting citizens from acts of terrorism and cutting down on levels of crime are also the primary priorities of the Passport Office.

The Passport Office issues over five million passports annually. In order to help support government departments and the business community with the prevention of fraud, the Passport Office provides a passport validation service or a PVS. Across the United Kingdom, there are over fifty passport interview office locations and seven regional passport office locations.

The HM Passport Office was established in the year of 2006, and before the year of 2013, it was called the Identity and Passport Service. HM Passport Office combined with The General Register Office or GRO in the year of 2008. The GRO holds the responsibility of administration of marriage laws and upholding the proficiency of the birth registration system. This includes registration of adoptions, stillbirths, births, marriages, civil partnerships, and deaths. The executive management board of the Home Office is the entity that the HM Passport Office board reports to.

There are five different types of passports that an individual can apply for with the HM Passport Office. These types include a renewal, First British passport, a replacement, changes, and an extension. An application for a passport can be completed online, through post & send service, or at a passport office with an appointment. All applications will require two recent identical pictures that meet the photo guidelines as well as any valid British passport or any other passports that have been issued in another country.

The fee to apply for a passport is based on the passport type that is being applied for. Other factors, such as how the application is sent and how quickly the individual wants their passport can also influence how much it will cost. There will be other fees assessed if an individual chooses to get a frequent traveler 50-page passport rather than the standard 34-page passport. There is additional support provided in regard to passport applications for individuals who are disabled at